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How to Sell Your Home Fast

It is normal for one to get a job transfer where one cannot work from home a factor that may prompt one to migrate to another place. Another scenario that may make one not to reside at home include a scenario where he or she flies out of the country to settle in another. While keeping the home may be a viable idea, the idea is not economically viable. While renting the house to a tenant may be an option, following up on the tenant may be yet another task that may end up being so expensive.

It may also be viable to sell a home instantly where the only source of the amount of cash needed could be through selling one’s home. One should understand that a house, when owned by a person, is an asset and can disentangle one from a financial problem. While disposing of a house may take time, one should know the existence of house buying firms. Rather than waste time with brokers who one does not even know they have valued the house at the right price, calling a firm to buy the house is the most viable idea.

A firm that purchases houses may be the most viable option due to so many factors. The house purchasing firm has higher chances of paying one more money than a broker can pay. It is the nature of brokers to take advantage of other people especially when they learn they are desperate. While selling to a broker may not be an option, selling to individuals may also be tricky. One could get a willing buyer but that given buyer may not have instant cash to purchase the home. While an individual may promise to pay more, it may not be instant and may end up being a bad debt. A house purchasing firm is in the business to purchase houses and has no business telling one that he or she should wait for the rest of the money.

Time between the actual sale and the actual payment is yet another factor to figure out when selling a house. While one may be a willing buyer, he may lack the cash in full prompting him or her to take a loan a factor that may delay receivership of cash in full. The process of selling a house may end up being lengthy in case where the buyer has his own terms of agreement making it harder for the house seller to manage to sell the house in full by the time he or she is supposed to leave for another place. A house purchasing agency may not be in the habit of causing unnecessary delays. The ease and speed in which the house is purchased make one feel like he or she just disposed of a second-hand refrigerator.

Source: http://www.account-money.com/financial-considerations-to-make-when-youre-selling-your-home/

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Sell a House Fast With the Prayer of St Joseph To many people, selling a real estate property is a task that is equivalent to a headache. They always find it hard to get a customer and an easy one Failing to get a buyer when you want to avoid an impending foreclosure is so discouraging. Time is running faster, and you cannot afford to wait or the emotional and financial distress the comes with a foreclosure. You might also be in need of prompt cash due to other circumstances. You might have employed many strategies to get a buyer, but none is forthcoming. Another neighbor places a house for sale sign outside the home and a buyer comes immediately; you are left to wonder what is wrong with your house. It is not that your house is not in good condition, yet all buyers seem disinterested in it. Those who show interest seem not to be serious. For you to close the sale, you need divine intervention. The St Joseph Prayer to sell house or property has been said for many years. It has been instrumental in getting buyers fast. The prayer brings many house buyers who bid differently, and the seller makes the choice of the highest house buyer. Even before you employ different strategies to announce the intention to make a sale, say the St Joseph prayer. The St Joseph Prayer comprises of different segments addressing different needs. The prayer recognizes your special needs that you want to be solved. It vividly reflects you desire to sell the house. The prayer knows it well how quickly you need to get a house buyer. It also requests for willing buyers to avoid the hassle. The prayer does care for your objective it gains a profit margin when you sell the house. This is in regard to the truth that no person would wish to realize a loss out a house sale. Before you say the prayer, you need to buy a St Joseph statue. The a statute is available online at the website of the St Joseph organization. Here, you will also be able to get the prayer which you will say when you bury the statute. The statue is buried at the location where the sale of the house advert post is placed. It should be buried three feet deep and upside down.
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You position the statute inverted to convict St Joseph to grant your wish. However, you must face the statute towards the property to be sold. You will have to remove the statute from that position after getting your wishes come true. All hurdles that can make the process slow will be overcome by the St Joseph prayer sell a house.What No One Knows About Options

Why Should You Invest in Flats in Perumbakkam?

A rapidly developing suburb of Chennai, Perumbakkam is known for its close proximity to the IT corridors in OMR and Sholinganallur. It is bordered by Medavakkam in the North, Semmencherry in the South, Sholinganallur to the East and Sithalapakkam to the West. If there had been no IT companies near this locality, then for sure the real estate here would have not had so much of demand that it has now. To put it in other words, the real estate in Perumbakkam is mainly driven by the IT corridors near it and by the professional population working in this IT hub. Several new residential projects are popping up across Peumbakkam with a considerable uptick in demand. While many of the professional population have already flocked the area to buy homes, there are still a few who are in dilemma whether they should invest in Perumbakkam or not. Here are some of the reasons that will make your investment in Perumbakkam worthy.

Proximity to IT corridors

Located a few kilometres away from Sholinganallur and OMR, Perumbakkam makes an ideal living place for all those who have their workplace in this IT corridor. With most of the IT companies having this campus either in Sholinganallur or OMR, the professional people working here is more than 2 lakhs. With an availability of large parcels of land, Perumbakkam can easily cater to all the real estate requirements of people working in the IT corridors. No matter how late you wake up, having a home at Perumbakkam, you can reach your workplace on time as it is very close.


Usually when an area is near to IT corridors, its real estate value is usually very high and the property prices are also bound to increase. But this is not a case with Perumbakkam as it offers various residential projects at affordable prices. It is closely located to Medavakkam were the capital values of the homes have reached more than Rs. 4500. People who cannot afford to buy a flat in Chennai Medavakkam, are shifting their preferences toward Perumbakkam due to affordable housing projects. The capital values of flats in Perumbakkam ranges from Rs. 4500 for apartments near the main road and Rs. 3800 to Rs. 4200 for apartments that are little away from the main road.


It connects to Sholinganallur an OMR through the ECR Link road. It is also connected to Tambaram via Velachery – Tambaram Road. You have frequent public MTC buses and share autos travelling through this location. You will also find autos here any time.


There are certain factors that still keep people from investing in Perumbakkam such as traffic congestion, lack of good ground water, and lack of proper entertainment and shopping centres. But to overcome these disadvantages, it offers affordable apartments with all amenities and good return of interest and that too in a serene and green environment.

There are several new residential projects in Perumbakkam from reputed builders such as Casa Grande Cherry Pic, KG Good Fortune, Radiance Mercury, Urban Tree Oxygen, Plaza Pristine Acres Phase 2, StepStones Akshara, Casa Grande Avalon, Embassy Residency and much more.

All You Need to Know About Inflatable Buildings

In this post we will give all the information you need to know about inflatable buildings. So, it will be easier for you to decide if you want to buy one, as well as to choose the right design. The first thing to know about inflatable buildings is that there are different types of buildings. They have different forms. Four types exist.

The first type of inflatable buildings is the dome. They offer a wide floor space. From all of the types of inflatable buildings, they are probably the ones with the wider floor space compared to the size of the structure. The second type is the cube. They have the advantage to make easier the adaptation of flooring or other equipment. They can also be customized with different openings depending on the use you want to make of your inflatable building. The third type is the shelter. This type of building is close to a tent, but it is way bigger. Therefore, it is more comfortable than a tent and it definitely protects you from the outside weather, the insects or anything else that can normally bother you when you use a tent. The fourth type of inflatable buildings is the arch. The arch is mostly used during sport events to show the start or/and the arrival of a race. It can also be used for other types of events such as weddings or a Christmas party. The big advantage of the arch is that they can be customized to almost anything you want.

The other important thing to know about inflatable buildings is what they can be used for. Usually inflatable buildings are purchased or rent to be used during events. Domes are definitely a very good option if you are planning a party. Receptions such as weddings will be a good fit in a dome inflatable building. They can be customized. Also, they come in different sizes that will allow you to choose the inflatable dome the closest to your need. The form of the dome will make you feel comfortable and cozy which is ideal to host a party. The cubes are better if you hold a business event. Therefore, it is good to adapt floors and other equipments as well. It is easy to move around so it can be used for different events during the year. Also, as they can have different doors, it is perfect to use during winters and summers. And more importantly, it respects the safety rules when you host a business event with a lot of audience.

The shelters can be used both for personal use and professional one. It is for example the best item to use if you are in the army and planning some survival camps for your troops. But it is also a perfect item to use if you want to go camping with all your family, but find a normal tent not comfortable enough. Finally, the shelters can be used as first aid tents, decontamination tent for instance, in case of emergency events such as earthquakes, pandemic and the similar.

Save Money Selling For Sale By Owner

The cost of selling a house can be prohibitive, and many homeowners choose to go through the FSBO or For Sale by Owner route. Learn what the advantages are of selling a house privately and how you can get started.

Real Estate Agents Does What?

A real estate agent is a person that helps homeowners go through the entire sales process of buying or selling a home. A good real estate agent can help put you in touch with an entire network of people that can help you sell your home, everyone from contractors to real estate lawyers. The agent does not sell the house for you, so much, as they help you during the sale from advice to contracts, and everything in between.

There is nothing saying legally that you have to use an agent during the sales process. If you are so inclined you can do all of the research to sell your home and take care of the process yourself.

How much money can you save?

A real estate agent’s commission is usually around 5 to 7 percent from the purchase price of the home, but it varies among local markets and is quite negotiable. The percentage seems paltry, but compare it to the purchase price of a house. For example, if you receive $150,000 for your house using a real estate agent, then even with a 5 percent commission, the agent will receive $7500. This commission only increases with the increased sales price of the home. Thus, there is the potential of saving thousands, even tens of thousands of dollars, depending upon how much your home is sold for.

Other Reasons To Sell With A FSBO Process

Some homeowners like the control of knowing that every part of the sale process is within their hands. There is a lurking fear among some homeowners who believe that even though the real estate agent is receiving a commission, the agent is not properly engaged in the sale of their home. Perhaps an agent has too many properties to give proper assistance, or too little experience. Sometimes homeowners believe that an agent will give more time and effort for greater commissions leaving smaller, less valuable houses to collect dust.

Is it right for you?

It is very important to figure out if the FSBO route is the right one for you. No matter why you are thinking of selling a house without a Realtor you have to take into account that it is going to take a lot more of your time and energy then if you had sold the traditional way. You will be doing something that other people have made an entire career out of so you have to be ready for a lot of work. The big reason you sell this way is because if done correctly you can potentially save yourself a lot of money in the process. You will be making the listing by yourself, doing all of the market research, scheduling and meeting the people for the showings, plus making all phone calls to complete the sale process. Even if your state doesn’t require a real estate agent you will have to get a real estate attorney involved to handle the legal part of the sale.

Moreover, though everyone wants a quick home sale, the FSBO route traditionally takes more time for the sale and the houses that sell this way are in excellent condition. If your home is heavily damaged or you need to sell your home quickly, consider contacting a real estate investor directly to see what they can offer before addressing a real estate agent.


With the advent of the internet, there has never been an easier time to sell your home by yourself. FSBO sites are good places to look for advice as well as a place to list your home. You can also use the same listing service that real estate agents use by paying a small fee to list on the MLS.

Selling Your Property on Your Own

This can be a really good option for those who are already know anyone who would like to purchase it – an acquaintance or a contact, or maybe somebody who is inquiring about selling a property. If you market your house by yourself, you certainly will save a major portion of your money – however potential buyers will likely be informed about this and hence could possibly try and work out a reduced rate to share in the saving. In case your house has a difficult leasehold situation, or even if ownership is disputed, don’t attempt selling it by yourself.

How would you sell your own property?

Around 8 out of every 10 home buyers are usually located in the nearby vicinity, and that means you have to pass on the message in your locality. Inform friends and family and also acquaintances and fix up a ‘for sale’ board – There are actually legal specifications regarding ‘for sale’ boards. One might primarily use just one about .5 square meters, or 2 joined to a max of .6 square meters. They need to have a distinct ad on either side. Also remember that they should be safely and securely installed.

Detailed descriptions must include things like a brief guide to the property, textual content for each and every room in your home describing its dimensions, the number of windows, electric utility and television cable points along with other things of interest, like open fireplaces or fitted closets. Visualize the way you may choose to show prospective buyers, and go along with this room order in the particulars.

Check out the details on various other holdings from a variety of property agents to make it easier with the style and design and also content material of your own particulars.You can place ads in the local media, however they are less likely to captivate the interest attained by the substantial colour spreads of the estate agents. You could get a reasonable-sized advert for a hundred and fifty pounds if not more. Alternatively, smaller local publications, for instance parish newsletters, are an affordable. You might also come up with your own classified to place in news agencies, regional agencies & social clubs.

Property Management 101 – My Predictions – Renting Vs Home Ownership

Once upon a time everyone started off by living at the family home until they could save for a home of their own. There was a very clear line when I was growing up, of the home owners and the renters and the latter were typically looked down upon. It was considered even worse if you grew up in public housing.

The dream for everyone was to save a deposit as soon as possible to buy a first home which was expected to be upgraded at some point to the family home. This was usually a bigger home with a yard for the kids and was positioned closer to schools.

As children moved out and the parents aged, home owners then downsized again to a smaller home or unit. Nursing homes were not so common and children usually took on the responsibility when Mum and Dad could no longer live by themselves in their own home.

As time progressed and the finances changed, as well as wanting everything sooner, the attitude changed as well. Young people started moving out and renting either with a partner or with friends until they settled down and could afford to buy a house.

It would not be unusual for three or four people to rent together in a share house until in their 20’s or 30’s when everyone paired off. They would typically move in with their new found love and start a family in their own home. Careers took priority over family for a little while. People seemed to be buying a bit later, however the dream was still very real; to own your own home and have a family.

The new trend that I am seeing is that we are back to two types of families. The first is the traditional home owner. The new, second type is the ‘lifestyle renters’. These new type of families no longer want a home of their own.

Some lifestyle renters want to live in an area such as the Gold Coast that they could never afford to buy and want the prestige that a higher class area can offer. While they can afford the rent, they don’t want to, or cannot commit to the mortgage and maintenance of a home.

Others can afford to buy, however they like the flexibility and freedom to move every few years for work or for a change of scenery. They live comfortably and enjoy life.

Then there are the investors. Some investors have multiple properties and use that income (rent) to pay for the rent in their higher priced rental property. We have clients who own multiple properties and choose to rent for many reasons.

The interesting thing for me, is that renters are no longer looked down upon like they once were. It is fair to say that there are still lower income areas, that are unfortunately judged differently. However, I feel that overall people are accepting that some people will just never own a home by choice or design. Without people renting, a whole industry of Property Managers would not exist, so I love our tenants and I am glad that others in society do to!

I predict that Lifestyle Renters will grow as we want better lifestyles with more flexibility.

Enhance Your Marketing Through Personal Products Promotion

If you are in sales, great customer service and product knowledge are the basic foundation to your success. These skills will undoubtedly increase your production and earnings over time, but growing your business by word of mouth advertising and through past customers referrals will take time. Adding marketing and promotional products to promote your business will be an effective compliment to expand your business faster.

If you are in the financial or real estate business, after you have completed a transaction and your customer is happy with your service, they may tell their friends and family for a few weeks. Unfortunately, after a few weeks the referrals will likely stop unless you maintain contact with them. A strong marketing and promotional campaign is a vital key to keeping up with your competition. Promotional campaigns use products that have your name, logo, and contact information on them to help you grow your business and develop recognition in your marketplace. When calling on your lead sources make your sales calls more effective and lasting by offering them useful products that will promote your services. Typical promotional products such as: pens, cups, flash lights, tape measures, and stress balls are all useful items in the real estate and financial industries. If you add a promotional campaign to your marketing endeavors, you should be able to lengthen the time your past customers and lead sources promote you and your business, thereby retaining a higher percentage of your past customers.

Promotional items will also assist you in introducing a new services or products that you may want to offer. These new products and services may help you specialize and become more profitable. Becoming an expert in rehabilitation loans, first time home buyer down payment assistance loans, or zero down payment mortgage products and promoting your expertise through marketing and promotional products campaigns will decrease the time needed to capture new business and profits. You can create a marketing promotional campaign to maintain contact with past customers, reach out to new customers at events, or more effectively promote yourself through your sphere of influence. Creating an effective promotional marketing campaign will help you and your contacts spread the news of what you can offer. Promotional items should fit your business needs and can be used as closing gifts, informational pieces, generalized marketing, and employee retention and motivation.

Creating an all-encompassing marketing system should utilize all aspects of personal promotion to reach your lead sources, these include: seminars, product knowledge, outstanding customers service, consistent contact, and retention systems to maximize your efforts. Developing a total marketing plan will enhanced your overall image as an expert and increases the likelihood that they will recommend their connections to you.

Wholesaling Horror Stories

A couple months ago I had a client bring me a deal to fund. He was pursuing a wholesale deal and the precursory buy/sell figures looked great. I started building his file, which I anticipated to be a no money down deal with a fast close in 2 weeks. Then, he sent me the contract. As a standard practice, we always review the contract to make sure there are no “gottcha’s” that might derail a deal, and in reviewing this client’s file, everything looked good, with the exception of the name of the buyer. The wholesaler had prepared the contract using their company name instead of using a “throw-away” LLC (see below). I’ve seen this before, and it typically doesn’t cause any issues if you schedule a double closing; however, before I could advise the client, the wholesaler had received an addendum from the seller adding the client to the contract. The result: both the wholesaler and the end buyer, the client, were listed on the contract! In other words, the client, unbeknownst to him, just landed himself a partner.

As you probably know, the title for the property has to match the Deed of Trust, and both documents match the name(s) of the buyer(s) on the contract. Being as such, we had to scramble to qualify the wholesaler since he’s now the client’s partner, which completely changed the funding strategy. Most importantly, I had to have a heart to heart with the client. Did he want a partner? Was the wholesaler even willing to be partner? Ultimately, the wholesaler agreed to sign on the note and Deed of Trust, but would immediately quit claim the Deed to my client after closing and gracefully bow out of being partnered into the deal. Easy enough, right?

Wait, what about the insurance? The insurance would probably be a simple fix, similar to the Deed, but what about the note? Upon signing, the wholesaler, unbeknownst to himself, was going to be responsible for repayment of the loan without being part of the deal! More red flags. Did I mention we only had 2 weeks to get this closed??? Time was moving fast and nothing was falling into place. After many more emails and plenty of phone calls all around, the deal ended up disintegrating for many reasons, such as the seller not being willing to rewrite the contract, allowing for a proper wholesale and the two new “partners” disagreeing on structuring the deal between them. Worst part, both parties had put down big earnest money checks. Last I heard they were all trying to get their money back.

The moral of the story, before you try to wholesale a deal, make sure you fully understand how to properly structure the transfer. Here are a couple of ways to structure a wholesale:

Assignment. The easiest and best way to structure a wholesale is to do an assignment; simple, clean and easy. Usually a one page assignment of contract will suffice, so long as the contract is assignable, which most private seller offers are.

“Throw-Away” LLC. If you are buying a bank REO and the bank won’t allow assignments, the next best strategy would be to use that “throw-away” LLC I mentioned earlier, or alternatively a trust. Under the “throw-away” LLC method, a wholesaler creates a brand new LLC for the sole purpose of buying and transferring ownership in the property. The wholesaler simply sells his interest in the LLC to the buyer, and from the bank’s standpoint, the buyer remains the same (i.e. the “throw-away” LLC).

Double Closing. An alternative, and less desirable way to wholesale, would be through a double closing. This alternative results in two closings at the same time: the first results in sale of the property from the seller to the wholesaler, and the second results in the sale of the property from the wholesaler to the end-buyer. Like I mentioned before, this method is the least desirable and should be avoided if possible, due to the added costs of an extra closing, as well as the management of all of the moving parts associated with the second closing.

Using Social Media To Sell Your Property

I would assume that when you decided to become an FSBO and sell your property, you have done your homework and researched on how to be an FSBO. If you haven’t then I urge you to first research on what to expect when you sell your property as an FSBO. Now if you’re able to do your homework, you might have come across some articles that states that there are about 90 percent of for-sale-by-owner that fail to sell their property. However, you have to also understand that this number may not be accurate as the success of an FSBO would highly depend on how much effort you put in. It is not enough to have your property to have a for sale sign, you also have to make every effort to make sure that you will be able to put your property for sale in front of as many eyeballs as possible. More people who knows that you have a property for sale means the higher possibility of having a potential buyer of your property.

So how do you increase the visibility of your property for sale? Some would use traditional media to advertise their property for sale, although that may be one way to go it is going to be very expensive and a problem for FSBO. But do not fret there are other ways on how you can promote your property for sale. One of them is to use the services of a flat-fee mls provider, flat-fee mls is a process where you only pay a flat-fee to have your property be placed in hundreds of MLS listing sites among other services inclusive.

Another possible way to have your property for sale, promoted is to use the power of social media. It is free and it would not cost as much as traditional media if you choose to use social media paid advertising. You might be wondering on how do you start advertising your property for sale via social media. Here are some easy steps which you can follow.

    1. Choose Your Platform – you do not have to look far, everyone may have a social media account, this is where you should start, choose the platform where you are already in and have friend and or followers to which you can promote your property for sale. If you do not have an account in any of the social media platforms out there then it is time for you to have one. In this case choose a platform that you know that your friends are mostly using. Once you sign up start adding your friends and start posting your property for sale. And start the word of mouth about your property snowball.


    1. Post Your Property for Sale – nobody wants to have their property social media timeline to look like an advertising platform. Although we have suggested that you post your property for sale on your account, do not post the same thing everyday. It pays to also post something interesting to your friend even if such is unrelated. Make sure to also nurture your relationship with your friends using your timeline rather than having your timeline turn into a newspaper classified ads. In addition, make sure that you make your post public so that anyone can see it.


  1. Engage and Answer Queries – once you get queries on your post about your property for sale, make sure that you immediately answer their questions and do so professionally. Remember with social media, as long as your post is public, people can freely see your posts.

These three simple steps is a start for you to use social media to make sure as an FSBO that your property for sale can get much more exposure beyond the traditional media could do, not to mention that this could be done only for a fraction of a price if not free and with the aid of flat-fee mls listing, you will surely get that deal.